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Hellloooooo Rangers!

I’m sorry that i haven’t been blogging for a month or two now. Life’s been busy.

But hey- I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about Game 6 of the ALCS. And the whole ALCS in that matter
As alot of you know, i’m a BIG Red Sox fan, so i had to go for Texas- and it worked! The Yankees were hitless to the 5th or 6th inning in I’d say a majority of their games against Texas. In game six, it was A-Roid who broke it up in the 5 inning. I was surprised that Texas won this. Ok, so maybe every other sports caster/writer was expecting this, but it still was a surprise to me. I mean a 28 World Series team against a 0 World Series team? I let you do the math. And props to the Lone-Stars- they were obviously the best team on the field!
I wasn’t annoyed in the 5th inning when there was a runner on second for Texas, and they intentionally walked Josh Hamilton. I was expecting that. But then Vladimir Guerrerro (i know I spelled that wrong) hit a grounder to the pitcher, and they got the out at 1st. So runners on 1st and 1nd with one out. Guess what? Intentional walk. Come on Yanks- did you really think that was going to work? It didn’t! Next batter i think there was a sac fly! SAC FLY IN YO FACE! Stupid Yankees…
Anyways, congrats to the Rangers on winning there first World Series appearance. I’ll see you guys later!
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