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Drought Season of Blogging.

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. Things have been hectic. I was at camp, I had baseball, I had- ughh. Anyways, my coach at the baseball camp I went to will possibly be going to the majors. Cool!

Luckily, I will be able to go to a Red Wings game on Friday. We are in section 127:
So yeah, it’s right behind the visiting team’s dugout.
Here’s my plan of action:
1. Enter stadium when gates open (1hr prior to game time)
2. Possibly get a ball from one of the dugouts (1)
3. Ask a Red Wings player for a ball during pre-game throwing (2)
4. Get a third-out ball after 1st inning or 2nd. (3)
5. Try to snag atleast 1 game ball (4)
6. Get the ball from the pitcher of the winning team after the game is over (5)
7. Go to least crowded dugout and try to get a ball (6)
So if you were counting (or just figuring out what the numbers in the paranthases ment) I will try to get 6 balls. I obviously just want at least 1, but anything after one would be great. My one-game record is 2, so I will try to break that.
Jon Madden: Ballhawk