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Comerica Park 8-21-2010

And guess what?

BadWeather If you can’t see that- it’s raining on my way to Detroit… Obviously stating that batting practice was canceled- right?

Zi6_0982.JPGAnd hey! It doesn’t look so bad from the entrance! So maybe in some land of Batting Practice heaven, there is BP today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tarp Pullers

YES! They are pulling of the tarp- hey by the way what time is it? Oh- 6:30. 1/2 And hour till game time. Never mind. No batting practice.
That’s pretty much how my day started off in the car and at Comerica Park. (PS- I have no idea why those two lines are blue.) So after I realized batting practice was completely canceled,
I went back to my seat. It looked like this:Thumbnail image for Comerica Park seat 
Not bad for foul balls, right? 


Not a single foul ball the entire game and after. And there was no BP. But did I ever say the game started? No…

SO I went over to the Indian’s bullpen where starting pitcher Josh Tomlin was warming up. 
Thumbnail image for IndiansWarmingUP (He’s the one who is with the white towel. I think) Anyways, while he was warming up outside of the bullpen, he kept nodding at me (I was holding my glove up the whole time). At least i thought he was nodding at me as if to say, “Don’t worry you’ll get a ball.” So he went back into the bullpen, and there were a couple other kids next to me. One was wearing an Indians hat. Uh-oh.

Let me say something first: the promotion for the game was Miguel Cabrerra hats. Two other kids who where by me where wearing those hats, and the kid with the Indians hat was standing next to his brother who was wearing the Tiger hat.

Literally two seconds before the game started he started to leave the bullpen. I stupidly forgot to bring my rosters with me, so I called out “Right here” either that or I didn’t say anything. He very quickly just flipped it to me.
During the game I got some action shots:



– 1 Ball at this game

-19 Total

Drought Season of Blogging.

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. Things have been hectic. I was at camp, I had baseball, I had- ughh. Anyways, my coach at the baseball camp I went to will possibly be going to the majors. Cool!

Luckily, I will be able to go to a Red Wings game on Friday. We are in section 127:
So yeah, it’s right behind the visiting team’s dugout.
Here’s my plan of action:
1. Enter stadium when gates open (1hr prior to game time)
2. Possibly get a ball from one of the dugouts (1)
3. Ask a Red Wings player for a ball during pre-game throwing (2)
4. Get a third-out ball after 1st inning or 2nd. (3)
5. Try to snag atleast 1 game ball (4)
6. Get the ball from the pitcher of the winning team after the game is over (5)
7. Go to least crowded dugout and try to get a ball (6)
So if you were counting (or just figuring out what the numbers in the paranthases ment) I will try to get 6 balls. I obviously just want at least 1, but anything after one would be great. My one-game record is 2, so I will try to break that.
Jon Madden: Ballhawk