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Dow Diamond (8-23-2010)

One word:

That’s how you’d describe Dow Diamond if you were used to a AAA stadium or MLB.
Wow, right? I mean from the pictures I’ve shown you of Frontier Field (Which isn’t that big) this is sooo small. But hey- that’s what you get for a Double-A stadium who’s most expensive tickets are like $9.00. Pretty much any seat you got was a good one for looks- but horrible for Ballhawking. The balls were flying out of the stadium like crazy. If you look closer, you can see there are some “upper deck” seats, and those seats got like maybe 5 foul balls.
If we were in a real world, I would have gotten at least 1 foul ball. But because we are in a world were pigs cannot fly, NOTHING came even CLOSE to us. But I did have some luck. 
Ok, so the visiting team (Michigan White Caps) Are warming up. All right, all looking good. And the Loons are- Thumbnail image for CorrectAllAlone  NOT WARMING UP???? Yeah it really took a while before all the Loons players got out there. I have no idea why. The two pictures above are literaly 5 seconds apart. And there was no one behind the dude walking out in the left photo. 
So I got a ball from Brian Cavazos-Galvez and that was it. 

This enttry will end because I am lazy.


1 Ball at this game

20 Balls total