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Red Wings (Home) vs Syracuse Chiefs (9/6/2010)

Well, the day started out a little weird. Then again, the whole game was weird. We had to go back home to grab the tickets. Luckily, at AAA games, you can never see batting practice. You just see pre-game throwing. And that doesn’t start untill about 25 minuets before the game.

Anyway, I got nothing during pre-game. Just didn’t work today. I started on the home side of the field, and I tried to ask Brock Peterson, but he couldn’t hear me.
 We had a seat on the left field line, so I hoped that the Chiefs would be more willing to toss me a ball if I asked. I did, and NOTHING! GAAAHHH!!!
The first half inning lasted at least 15 minuets, and the Chiefs only scored one run. The rest of the game up to the fifth inning went by INSANELY quickly. The game started at 7:00 at by the fifth inning it was 8:00. COME ON!

This was one of the best photo I got. I won’t give you all of them. I’ll upload them sooner or later. 

Pretty good right?
Also something about this photo. Notice how crowded the seats are. Yes, that’s crowded.
Then in the second or third inning, I got a third out ball from the Chief’s center fielder Michael Martinez. I wasn’t expecting him to throw it to me, though. He was almost all the way in the
dugout, and I had already asked him, then at the last second he flipped it to me.
The Red Wings scored 2 in the fifth, then the game went slow. And into extra innings.
In total, it was a 13 inning game. Total game time: 4 hrs 20 min.
And the red wings lost. OUch
In the 10th inning, i got a 3rd out ball from the Chief’s catcher Carlos Maldonado.
There were fireworks, and I got some pretty good shots:
These were the best.

-2 Balls at this game

-15 Total Balls