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Camden Yards (9/2/2010)


Yes, my first (and only) game of the season where I can see batting practice.
Ahh… ya gotta love Camden Yards. Me and my family all think that Frontier Field (my hometown AAA team) was made to feel and look like Oriole Park. It’s great, though.
I got to the Eutaw Street gates somewhere between 4:15 and 4:25. There was one other guy

Eutaw Street Gates

standing in front of us, and other people at the other gate. The guy ended up being a regular season ticket holder. He told us this was like his 25th home game of the season. Impressive.
Speaking of season tickets, the one downside to Camden Yards is the fact that the whole left part of the park is closed off to everyone except season tickets for the first half-hour. My advice if you aren’t a season ticket holder: right after the Orioles start heading off the field, make a bee-line to the LF gates.
Anyways, lets get to batting practice. Home runs in RF were pretty much useless. There was one home run that another guy got, one ground rule double (that I told the fielders to let it bounce), but every thing else was going to the other sections, and there were lots of righties. Just an FYI real quickly, this might be the only picture I have from BP, because it’s really hard to pay attention to the field and get good pics at the same time.
BP RF Camden Yards
So after all the frustration, finally a ball came my way. I knew it was falling short of a home run, and the fielders were letting it bounce. I thought it was going to bounce right to me, but it didn’t. And so I asked the fielder (who was wearing a jacket, so I didn’t know who it was) for the ball. He tossed it to me. I think that the fielder was Koji Uehara

It ended up that that was the only ball thrown into the stands in right field for the first half hour. The other Japanese fielder wasn’t throwing any balls, so I apparently was really lucky!

Then at 5:30 as the Orioles left the field, I almost sprinted to the gates that let you into the left side of the park. So then again I sprinted to left field.


For most of BP.

There was a guy who kept getting in my way. He was a nice guy, but he and I knew too much on where to stand for each player. Anyways, he kept catching homers that if he wasn’t there I would have gotten.

Some right-hander on the BoSox hit a deep home run over my head. I watched to see if it would bounce to me- but it didn’t. So I just looked back at the field. I then saw a bunch of fans scrambling towards me- and I realized the ball had been rolling down the stairs. So I grabbed it. LUCKY!!!! 

Thumbnail image for Seat for Camden Yards

Our seats during the game were great for foul balls- but no luck. 

Why does that happen to me?

Perfect seats, and nothing! And to make things worse, there were no 3rd out balls hit to left field!!!!!!!!

O well. Camden Yards is a great place anyways…

So here’s the last picture of the season for games:

Camden Yards @ NIght                                                                         Ah. Beautiful.


2 Balls at this game (MLB Record)
23 Balls total