2012: Could it be the “big one?”

Happy Easter to all.

Okay now with that out of the way, I’m happy to announce that my ballhawking season opener may be on Tuesday. Which is not far from today. If not Tuesday, then Friday, but anyways, I need to make some plans and goals. By the end of last year, here’s how my goals ended up:

 (Not Achieved) August 27: Phillies (HOME) vs Marlins?
 (Not Achieved) I’m hoping to go to Camden maybe as well.
(Achieved) Red Wings as much as possible
(Achieved) Buffalo
(Not Achieved) Syracuse (Maybe)
(Not Achieved) Other NY AA/AAA teams
(Achieved) 1 ball every game
(Achieved) 2 game balls in one game (3rd outs, fouls, home runs)
(Achieved) 3 foul balls (in the entire season)
(Achieved) 4 balls in one game
(Achieved) 5 Autographs
(Achieved) 6 or more games!!
Clearly it was tough for me to get to major league games. I’m going to set a goal to see at least two MLB stadiums this year (I don’t really care which), but this may be even tougher this year, seeing as I’ll be gone to Germany for three weeks in August. I’ll have to act fast. Same thing for AAA stadiums. Scranton is out of the question due to the fact that they are playing 37 home games in Rochester (!!!), and Buffalo is just a bad stadium. I’ll see how the summer rolls out.
Anyways, my actual snagging goals went quite well. In fact, they went so well I’m going to keep all the same goals, change some number values UP and add a few more. Here’s the official list of Jon Madden’s 2012 ballhawking goals:
-At least 1 ball every game
-2 game balls in one game (3rd outs, fouls, home runs)
-4 foul balls (in the entire season)
-5 balls in one game
-7 or more games (in roughly a month and a half)
-1 game home run (i came quite close to a few game homers last year)
-Go to 2 different Major League Stadiums
-1 Minor league stadium outside of Rochester.
As seen in my previous entry with all the crazy stats, I pointed out that it was in fact possible for me to reach 75 balls by the end of this season. That’s 21 balls in one season, divided by two balls per game is about 10 games. I’m hoping I can get to 10. With the new addition of the Germany trip, I’m liable to be able to get to any game I want to and can attend. I think 75 total could be a very possible feat this year. Now my balls-per-game average is 1.93. I made so many mistakes last year it’s not even funny, so I’m hoping to maintain a two BPG average- but my goal is 1 every game. Two is fairly easy for one game, so if I get more than two in a few games, it’s possible to reach 80. So 80 is the amount I will hopefully be up to by the end of this year.
Good luck to anyone and everyone who goes ballhawking this year.
Happy snagging,
Jon Madden


  1. Quinn

    Really? You think Buffalo is a bad stadium? Rochester I personally think is horrible for ballhawking. The ushers are real mean too. I live in Buffalo and I get about 8-15 balls per game and then I went to Rochetser and only got 4, which is my Triple A lowest amount this year. I think Buffalo is a great stadium for ballhawking minus the outfiled seats in Center and Left, but that is still not a big deal. hope your having a great year so far.

    • JonMadden

      Really? The ushers are mean? I’ve never really had any problems with them. I do stay out of their way, but I think they just really enforce the rules. I’m not really getting to many games this year, but I still think Frontier Field is great. Like I said earlier, it’s just a matter of what stadium you are used to.

  2. Quinn

    Yeah, one of the ushers in Rochester screamed at me for going down by the dugout and trying to get a third out ball. The people are also a little bit mean there to as a lady screamed at my brother and mom when they bent down and were talking to me. They were in no way blocking the persons view unless they were looking into foul territory behind them.

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