Frontier Field (8/18/11)

I didn’t feel “in the zone” for this game for some reason. And it showed. And this entry won’t be very long. Because this day was kind of sad.

This game was a 7:05 game on a Thursday with the home team having one of the worst records in Minor League Baseball. Small attendance, right? Wrong. Jose Canseco was there to sign autographs. Which meant 10,000 people were going to be there. And there were. Also, I knew this wasn’t going to be a good day when I saw balloons in the stands:

Anyways, pregame was a disaster. Let’s just say I didn’t get any balls- but I did get three autographs (Ray Chang, Brandon Roberts, Chase Lambin) and a picture of the guys warming up:

Once again, I didn’t get any balls. There was a ball sitting on the grass when Toby Gardenhire walked over to it. There were some kids in the right field grass who asked for it at the same time I did. He gave it to them and while he was walking back, I jokingly told him that this was the first time he hasn’t thrown me a ball. He just smiled and shrugged. Then I went over to the third base side and tried for balls there. Nothing.

During the first 5 innings, I came close to absolutely nothing. So what was I doing while I was getting nothing? Sitting here:

And here:

While I was over here, I came close to two balls that were foul ball toss-ups that were literally three inches to far up and to the left a little. Ugh.

Then the 6th inning came around.

All night I had been trying to get third out balls at the dugouts, and I came close to one from Jeff Bailey. If the darn kid didn’t step ONTO the dugout, I would have gotten it. (And you didn’t notice anything, security? Niceeee job.) But in the bottom of the 6th, I was standing in position to race down to the correct spot at the dugout depending on the type of play to end the inning. It was a strike out and I was the only person down there to even come close to the catcher tossing anyone a ball. So he had no choice but to throw it to me. Ahhhh (sigh of relief everybody).

I came close on two foul balls, and I kept going for third out balls. I was going to get a strikeout ball here…

…but the third out was a fly ball to right and was tossed into the grass berm.

Then I got a ball from the home plate umpire, and this is what it looks like before I get an umpire ball:

End of (sad) story. OH but I did get Jose Canseco’s (beautiful and legible) autograph. I got his autograph during the game because before the game the lines were CRAZY!

Pictures of Canseco and the autograph at the end of the stats. Oh- and my next game will be either in Washington and if not that, then Philly. I’ll also be going to a Red Sox/Blue Jays game in Toronto on the 5th of September.


-Total balls at this game: 2

-Total lifetime balls (MLB and MiLB): 49

-Total 2011 balls (MLB and MiLB): 26



-Consecutive games with at least one ball (MiLB and MLB): 26/26

-Consecutive games with at least one ball (MiLB): 21/21

-Consecutive games with at least one ball (MLB): 5/5

-Consecutive games with at least two balls: 3/3


-Lifetime balls per game (MiLB): 1.81

-Lifetime balls per game (MLB): 1.40

-Season balls per game (MiLB): 2.40

-Season balls per game (MLB): 2.00


He's in such great shape simply because now he's a martial artist and a boxer.

Notice I had Canseco sign my 33rd ball I've snagged. That's because his number for the majority of his MLB career was 33.

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