Newest Goal for 2011

Seeing as the baseball season is a little over half-way finished, I’d like to take the time to write about my progression as a ballhawk and the beginning and the rest of the 2011 season.

My lifetime total number of baseballs (MLB and MiLB) that I have gotten over the years from Major and Minor League stadiums is up to 38. I’m hoping that this year I can get up to 50. In my schedule, I know there will be at least two more MLB games that I’ll be going to (a Philly/Marlin game in Philly and a Blue Jays game either against the Angels or Red Sox in August or September).

As for Minor league, I have no idea how many more games I’ll be able to go to. I’m going to try to go to as many as I can. I know I’m going to one tomorrow (Saturday, July 30. Which I might not be able to post an entry for for two weeks. Camp stuff. I’ll see what I can do.). Another smaller goal is to get three balls (or more!) in at least one more game. I’ve gotten 3 in one game twice so far, and I want to make it another game! It’d be great if that  could especially be my last game of the season.

Here’s another cool fact: I’ve already caught more balls this season than I did last season. 2008 I got my first, 2009 I got 3 more, 2010 with 12, and now 2011 with 13 and more to go! I think it’s safe to say that these stats have proved that I’ve become a better ballhawk. Last year I went to more games  (9 Minor, two major) than I have this year (7 Minor, 1 major). I have already snagged more balls this year- and here’s why. In 2010, my highest number of balls in one game was two which I did three times. This, year, out of the 8 total games, there have only been three games where I’ve only gotten one ball. So 62.5% of all games I’ve been to, I’ve caught two or more baseballs. Last year, 6 out of 11 games I was catching only one ball. That meant that 45.5% of games I went to last year I caught more than one ball. To make that stat sound scarier, 54.5% of the games I only caught one ball. Way worse than this year’s 37.5% of games attended where I’ve only gotten one ball. Pretty cool, huh?

This was probably the entry where people are going to be like “How do you have that much time on your hands?” My answer:

I. Just. Do.

Oh and according to this website,

“This is your [Jon Madden’s] 29th post! [Wow! I really needed to know that!] This entry has 450 words! [Exactly]

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