Coca Cola Field (7/15/11)

This day was almost depressing for me. I only got one ball, thanks to a technicality.

Everything went my way, I was in perfect positions to get a ball. And yet the way I got one was from my dad. He got a foul ball from Luis Hernandez, and he gave it to me. Great thanks to him for keeping my 23 game streak of getting at least one ball alive. Why did I count that ball? Because I’ve accepted balls from other people in the past (an older man, a fan, an usher, and a security guard).

And I do kind of like it, but Coca Cola field is like a dump. Maybe I’m spoiled with Frontier Field, but seriously- why were there cobwebs everywhere, barely any room to maneuver, seats that needed a paint job, and an ice cream helmet from the previous night’s game?

Warm up was a disaster. At least I got an autograph from Kyle Waldrop. The balls used in warm-ups were just put back in a bag. Jeez.

As for the umpire ball, once again, I was in perfect position for it. I moved the farthest row I could- in front of all the other kids who wanted one . The umpire came in and I asked for a ball. He said the first person to say please would get one. I swore I was the first. And I didn’t get one.


-1 Ball at this game

-38 total balls

-MiLB Balls/game: 1.50 (lifetime), 1.86 (season)

-Consecutive games with at least one ball: 23

And one last thing- I’ll prove I’m becoming a better ballhawk. Check out my yearly stats:

Year Total Balls Hit Ball Retriever Found Thrown Unknown BP/Pre-Game During Game After Game Unknown
2009 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 0
2010 12 1 0 0 11 0 8 4 0 0
2011 13 2 0 0 11 0 4 3 6 0

Here’s some pictures. Most of them are from spots that I sat in for the game.

Our real seats were right in the sun for a little bit.

I eventually moved to the upper deck for foul balls

Where I first went for foul balls

The highway in the distance


An orange foul poll. Yes, it is orange.

This is the Buffalo Saber's hockey arena (the domed thing)

Another great spot for foul balls

Waiting for the game to end to get an umpire ball.


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  2. Quinn

    I still don’t get how you think Coca-cola Field is a bad ballhawking stadium. Frontier Field is horrible fror ballhawking. The kids are very aggresive in Rochester unlike Buffalo. I went to Rochester once and got 1. Punched in the head. 2. Kicked. 3. Someone attempted to steal a ball out of my glove. It was craziness there. Coca-Cola Field is a great stadium for ballhawking and it is really easyt for catching baseballs.

    • JonMadden

      I think it’s just what you are used to. I’ve been to Frontier Field all my life and never had anything like that happen to me. I’ve only been to Buffalo a few times and going more would probably help me see what I really think about it.

  3. Quinn

    It is what your’e use to, but Im sort of use to Rochester now and I think Buffalo is a little bit easier because of its size. Have you been to any games yet this year in Rochester?

  4. JonMadden

    I’ve only been to two, and I won’t get to many more just with my actual playing of baseball and some other stuff. My first game I got 5 and second i got blown out with only 1. It was all my fault, though. I moved away from a spot and literally the next batter later a foul ball was hit there- would have undoubtedly been mine 🙂

  5. nybisonsdanny

    I think the only reason Quinn had all that stuff happen to him is because he was wearing Bisons gear half the time he was there.

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