Frontier Field (7/8/11)

I’m such a lazy person. Or maybe I’m just busy and I don’t know it. I apologize for getting this blog up a week after I attended the game. So forgive me if I leave out some details.

We got to the game about 40 minutes before it started, and obviously nothing was happening. Well 40 minutes later, there was still nothing happening. I was kind of scared there wasn’t going to be a pregame warm up. It was 7:05 (when the game was said to have started) and there was STILL nobody on the field.

My plan for this game was to go to the third base side to get a ball. I’ve rarely done that for a pregame ball. I don’t know why I wanted to. I just did. Anyhow, there were LOADS of kids today- and I have no idea why. I looked at the first base side. There were so many kids on the grass. So I looked to the third base side thinking “Okay, that gives me an excuse to go to the third base side.” No dice. There were kids with gloves who actually looked like they knew what they were doing.

Kids (with gloves) were everywhere. I had never seen it like this before. But I did manage to get down to the field level and get ANOTHER ball from Toby Gardenhire. I think that’s my 3 or 4th ball from him this season. Wowzers. I also got an autograph from Delmon Young (who played on the Twins, but is in the minors on rehab.)

So because I don’t want to keep writing this, I’ll keep the rest of the entry short. I never sat in my seat. Not even half an inning. Then I went to the bullpens. Then I went looking for something (might have been ice cream or a hot dog). While I was gone, a home run landed in a place where I could have caught it on the fly- it ended up bouncing out of the stadium.

Also, in the bullpens, a home run was hit there. I got one guys attention and he tossed the ball just the slightest bit to my right where a kid with no glove, who never asked for the ball, got it. Keep that player in mind for later…

For some humor now:

There were some (once again annoying) kids at the bullpens, and the players were clearly annoyed by them. Here’s how a dialogue went between a player and a kid:

(PS- there’s a train going by right at this moment, so it’s hard for them to hear)

KID: “Can I have a ball?”

PLAYER: “What?”

KID: “I need a baseball”

PLAYER: “Huh?”

KID: “Baseball” (makes throwing motion with arm)

PLAYER: “Yeah baseball game. Right there!” (points to field)

End of dialogue.

Another note of humor, there was one player (last name Grilli) who said he’d give a ball to the kid if he bought him a sandwich. The kid never did, but a college-looking kid came back about an inning later with a sandwich. He got two balls for a $6.50 Red Osier beef sandwich. Wow. And speaking of Grilli, when he walked passed me, I asked him for a dirty ball, and he said “Sorry, we can’t give them away.” Then he said something to me like “You’re alright, kid.” I think that’s a baseball players way of saying “Thanks for not annoying the heck out of us.”

After the game, I got a ball from the home plate umpire. I then made a (bad) beeline for the visitors dugout. The bullpen players were coming in, and I hoped one of them might recognize me and give me a ball for not annoying them. I hid the ump’s ball from them by stepping on it. Remember that player? Scroll up to refresh your memory. The one who almost gave me the homer ball? He came out of the dugout and seemed like he was looking around for someone, made eye contact with me, and tossed me a ball. Coool.


-3 Balls at this game

-37 total.

-2.00 Balls per game.

I’m going to Buffalo today. Ohhh yeah.

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