Frontier Field (7/4/11)

Happy 4th to all.

And before I go into the day, I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the service men and women for all they have done for our country, so that we may live free. And a thanks to all who have payed the ultimate sacrifice.

Let me also say that Frontier Field is beautiful. Just look at this somewhat good panorama I made:

It wasn’t a Happy Fourth for me. I kind of hated this game from the moment I got there to the moment I left.

It all started when I got to the stadium and saw batting practice. I just wanted to get into the bleeping stadium and start snagging!!!

This shot was taken through the gates:

It was VERY crowded (that’s an understatement). Why is it a understatement? See for yourself:

Yeah. If the grass sections are this bad, it’s got to be wicked crowded. Yes, I did say wicked crowded. Even though it was this bad, I still got down to the premium seating to get a ball from Trevor Plouffe. And I’ll warn you now, that was the only ball I got at this game. So the rest of this entry is just ranting pretty much. Have fun, and let the ranting begin. No- wait. Let me show you more crowded pictures:

And the worst:

Now, I’m not one to whine alot, but I was really ticked off at this game. Think about it- how the heck are there 12,000 people in a stadium that usually gets 4,000 if they’re lucky? I know it’s the 4th of July and all, but don’t you people have parties to go to? Come on!!!! The last time I went to a game that was anywhere close to 12,000 people was on Opening Day and that had 8,000 people and I only got one ball that game. Right from the get-go (before I got the ball from Plouffe), things were looking bad. I just wish the crowd could be more consistant. I don’t like having nobody there and having the place to myself, then suddenly there’s a million people. *Sigh of anger*

Back to the game.

I sat in my seat (once again) for only half an inning. I moved to the grass sections for about 3 or 4 innings, but I decided it wasn’t worth it. If I moved to the bullpens, I’d have a slightly bigger chance of getting a ball. So I moved to the Pawtucket Red Sox’s bullpen. I completely forgot the Hideki Okajima was on the team (a VERY good pitcher for Boston) and it was really cool seeing him in person and up close. He’s the one turned around in the photo to the right. The only other time I’ve seen him was on my first MLB game ever. I really wanted to get a ball from him, but I knew he spoke very little English (and my Japenese isn’t that good). So I waited. And waited. And while I was waiting, I saw this:

See the ball?

I didn’t acknowledge that a ball was there in any way. I was hoping it’d stay there the rest of the game and I could get it from a grounds crew person like it did in this game.

Unfortunately, the little kids who were there (and very annoying) said “HEY GIVE ME A BALL!!! COME ON!!!! OH! THERE’S ONE RIGHT THERE!!!” I tried to get it when they reluctantly flipped it up to us, but I failed to acquire the sphere made of cork, cow hide, and leather stitching.

In the middle of the game, this Korean player launched a home run that bounced back onto the field. I knew that it was his first homer, and i really wanted the left fielder to throw it to me. I came within a foot of it. The player tossed it to these people who where about college age (ver7 nice people).  If i was in the front row of the little picnic area, I would have gotten it. They were in the corner spot, and that’s where I would have been if I had gotten to the bullpens first. Oh, and if I had gotten it, the player in the bullpen would have given me two balls for that one. That’s what the guy got for it. GAH!

And whatever happened to my usual umpire ball? Let’s call it “insanely bad timing on my part.”
It was the bottom of the 9th. The Red Wings were down two or three runs with a man on base. And no outs. I was debating whether to stay in the bullpens or go to the umpires tunnel. I really wanted a bullpen ball, and suddenly there were two outs. Why didn’t I just go over to the umpire’s tunnel I’ll never know. And the dugouts were useless.

As for Okajima, the most I got him to do was wave at me…everything just didn’t go my way. Arg.


-1 Ball at this game

-34 total

-1.57 BPG (Balls per game)

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