Frontier Field (5/22/11)

Before I start this post I want to tell you that I have my own profile and a minor league profile where I am “featured” on the homepage. Some of my balls aren’t in the minors profile- I can’t find my records for 5 of them, so they’re not in the website.

So back to business.

I (for once) got to the game on time to see pre-game throwing. There was some group thing or a special event going on that day in right field, and there were many kids there. I decided to (for the first time) go to the visitors side and get a ball there. I seriously had no idea who was who. I, for some reason, couldn’t find all the players that were on the field on my roster…ouch.

Yeah, that’d be pretty bad not knowing the guy’s names. But the snagging gods were with me today- after one ball was given away to a smaller kid, I stood waiting for when the last guy was to leave the field. When he started walking off the field, I yelled “Can I have a ball? Please? Excuse me?” something like that. It took a little bit to get his attention, but i got the ball in the end. No idea who it was. He had his coat over his jersey. And the ball was my first ball that said “Official Practice Ball” on it. (Let me just say that Zack Hample would absolutely HATE this ball. A minor league practice ball. BLEH!) This was also my first pre-game ball of the season (somehow).

The game itself was reaallllyy boring. The Syracuse Chiefs took an early lead and never let go of it. The Red Wings were averaging about a hit per inning and the final score was 9-3 in a Red Wings loss.

I got my first umpire ball from home plate ump Mark Lollo. It was pretty darn easy.

But that’s not all.

During the game I waited in the home run zone and came close to a home run, but I came up short. I also hung around the visitor”s bullpen. I asked the player (whoever he was) for a ball when he started to clean things up in the 8th inning. He said, “Sorry, buddy, we’re not aloud to give anyway.” Oh well. I had a trick up my sleeve 🙂

I saw a ball wedged in between the fold of the tarp, and the player had seemed not to notice it. While we were walking out of the stadium, I remembered it and just wondered if it was still there. I had also seen some grounds crew people working in the dugout, so I knew there’d be someone to give the ball to me if it was still in the tarp. I walked over at the last minute and saw it. OH YEAH! Then I told the grounds person where it was and he tossed it up to me. Boo. Ya.

Oh- and the position of the ball in the tarp was basically like this guy- just pretend he’s a ball.:)



2011 Season:

-Games attended: 3

-Balls snagged: 6

-Average: 2 per game


-Games attended: Approx. 14 (where i’ve tried to snag a ball)

-Balls snagged: 24

-Avg: approx. 1.71 balls per game


-Games attended: 4

-Balls snagged: 5

-Avg: 1.25 balls/game 

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