Frontier Field (8-29-2010)

We got to the stadium kind of late, so I wasn’t able to get a pre-game throwing ball.

 The game was between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Red Wings. As you know, I love the Red Sox, and this was my first game seeing the AAA afiliates to the Sox. I had seen two previous MLB Sox games.
Right after the National Anthem, the PawSox were heading into the dugout except for Lars Anderson. He had a ball and looked like he was pointing to 

Lars Anderson

 someone else behind me, but I realized he was pointing at 
ME! So when I made eye contact and held up my glove, he tossed it to me. WWWWeeeeiiirrrrddd.
This was probably one of the wierdest balls I’ve gotten.
Anyways, the game itself was actually one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen. The final score was 6-3 PawSox. I can see why people think baseball is boring but someone once said “Baseball is dull only to dull minds” someone also said “Baseball is like church; many attend but few understand.” Someone also said “It’d probably be a good idea to stop with all the quotes.”

There were a bunch of lefties in both team’s lineup, so I went into foul ball prone territory for a couple innings, but nothing. I was debating to either go to where the umps exit for a ball, or go to the dugout for a lineup card. I decided to go for a lineup card- and on my way there in the top of the 9th, a security person looked at my shirt (which was dark blue) And asked what my name was. I told him and he just kept walking. I thought about what that could be about, so I decided to stand on the asle that goes across the stadium than go sit by the dugout just so that if the security people knew who I was and wouldn’t kick me out of the section.
At the end of the game, no luck at the dugout.

-1 ball at this game

-21 total
PS- Possibly my last game of 2010 is on Thursday!

One comment

  1. Lour

    newsflash! they didnt hire him for his bat. truth is he turned out to be a plus dvefnsiee catcher last year. the sox can afford the luxury of a dead bat at the catching position when thier wood is blazing as it often is.when we play them he will be there to stop our running game. since the sox know he is a sub mendoza hitter they wont expect any more than that. I bet he jacks his average up to .201! and the Sox will be happy with him.

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