Michigan Trip Countdown!!!!

Two more days until I leave for Michigan! I’m really excited for this trip. It’ll add two more stadiums to my portfolio.

I’m leaving on Saturday for Detroit, and that same day we’re going to a Tigers-Indians game.
Here’s my plan of action:
1. Enter Comerica Park through gate C (left field gate) and go straight to LF bleachers.
2. Camp out there until Indians start warming up. Go to LF line.
3. Possibly go to a dugout.
4. Game starts.
5. I’ve decided to go to the LF HR Zone for Miguel Cabrerra. I haven’t decided who else to do that for.
6. Probably stay in our seats or move for foul balls.
7. Maybe go to a dugout.
So all in all, that could be like 5 more balls!

Then for Dow Diamond (Midland Loons vs i don’t know)

Plan of Action:
1. Wait for pre game throwing to start. (Remember: you can’t see BP for any minor league team).
2. Move toward foul polls and RF and LF lines.
3. Dugout at end of game.
Jon Madden: Ballhawk

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