Buffalo Bisons vs Rochester Red Wings (8/18/2010)


Once again I stupidly forgot my camera. Don’t worry, for my trip to Comerica Park, I won’t forget it!!!
Enduring a 90 minuet car ride and watching the movie Little Big League? Easy. Getting to know a new stadium? Not. Yeah I haven’t been to Coca Cola Field before, but I’d say I don’t love it. I definately like it, but not as much as Frontier Field. At least, for the ballhawking view.
imgres-1.jpegSee what I mean? Kind of? Not really? Ok, fine, I’ll tell you. It’s a beautiful stadium just like I said. Small, compact, cozy- wait did I say small? Yes. It’s smallness annoys me. Foul balls were flying out of the stadium. The only good foul ball spots were down the line and by the foul pole. I don’t know if you can notice from this picture, but the left field line wall is high up, and for some reason I just don’t like it. I have no idea why!

Ok so back to ballhawking. I only got one and only had the opportunity for one. It came from Red Wings RF/OF Dustin Martin (who last year had the same number (15) as Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. I don’t know why this amused me). This was the first 

Dustin Martin

ball I had ever gotten from the Red Wings when they were away, and this was only my second minor league stadium! Remember, I’ll be going to one more (Dow Diamond) this Monday.
Jon Madden: Ballhawk


  1. Quinn

    The balls that “fly” out of the stadium just hit the roof and go into a gutter thingy. They can’t hit foul balls out. I recently got 4 foul balls in 1 game there. Plus, Coca-cola Filed is one of the biggest MiLB stadiums in the whole entire Milb. i think it sits 18,050 people with a standing capicitiy of 150, so it is a pretty big stadium.

  2. Quinn

    Definaetly, it is a little cramped when you go further down the line and there are no cross aisles to walk thur. To get foul balls in Buffalo you have to stand in the cross aisles behind home plate because they got rid of the net on top and foul balls can now go over the netting and I got 4 foul balls by standing there during my last game.

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