Frontier Field: Red Wings vs LHV Iron Pigs (8/15/2010)

I stupidly forgot to bring my camera. Woops. No pictures.

The the day started off with a 50 minuet rain delay. No sorry- the rain delay was about 1/2 hr. The total game time delay was 50 minuets!! (ex game start: 1:00 real game start: 1:52)
So I had to wait almost an hour from when I got to the ballpark to get my first ball.
Did I say my FIRST ball? Yes! That must mean I got more than 1! Yes!
The ball I got was probably in the weirdest way.
Toby GardenhireToby Gardenhire (pictured left) and I think Brock Peterson (who has thrown me two balls this season) were finishing pre game throwing and started to toss around curve balls. And let me say- for both of them never being a pitcher, they had some nasty curves! Anyways,  one of Gardenhire’s balls got away and it came right for me- at 70 MPH. It was low, but I had little time to react to the ball coming at me. So Toby joking held out his arms at me like “Why didn’t you catch that??” The ball had rolled to him as he was walking towards the dugout and flipped it to me, but he missed and it went to a guy who wanted autographs (he was like 30 years old) and he handed it right over to me.
The beginning of the game was pretty life-less and boring. In the top of the first, a foul ball was chopped to the 3rd base coach, and held my glove up and said here and all that stuff, and he tosses it to an older man. I’m not saying he should have thrown it to me, but I was way cuter. (Respect your elders, right?) Later in the game the elderly man walked over to me and handed the ball to me. I think I am counting that ball- but it has an asterisk.
So those were my two balls that I got- BUT I came SOOOOOOOO close to a HOME RUN BALL off of John Mayberry JR!!!!!!! GAH!!!!

BTW- GAH! is like my word ok?


Two Balls at this game

17 Balls total

Jon Madden: Ballhawk

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